cyclical like the moon

by the imperfect

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this album was recorded while five months passed. thanks to everyone.


released December 8, 2015

the imperfect is:
matt newberg - vocals, guitar
gabe plotkin - bass, percussion, electric guitar on "about carpets" and "engine," recorder, additional vocals

it was an honor to work with:
liz davis - cello on "near sighted" and "forever ago"
bobby greco - additional vocals on "gemini" and "orange ball of hate"
zak hammerman - keys on "nosebleed" and "orange ball of hate"
rob treanor - drums on "gemini"

al lyrics by matt
except "engine" (words and music jeff mangum)
and "orange ball of hate" (words and music by john darnielle)

produced/mixed by gabe
with help from matt and liz



all rights reserved


the imperfect Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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Track Name: iou (and sometimes why?)
we'll ascend while descending
if we just keep pretending
the messages we've been sending
still haven't been read

is that the ground calling?
or am i not even falling?
upside down, i'm barely crawling
back into my head singing

i don't feel owed
i just wanted to be owned

i don't feel owed
another mention in the story you told them
Track Name: about carpets
let's think about all the carpets
i've spilled shit on and calculate
the exact quantity that's been double checked
and factored for ten percent of my grade

let's just discuss all the clutter
the spider, cob, and other webs that flutter
above my head in this attic i just discovered
by accident a week ago, i was looking for a place to smoke

let's just discuss what we never have
we can put in a formula we can write out all the math
and show all of the work figure out the solution
can't remember the difference between subtraction and substitution

or we could argue for three hours about whatever
when do we get the test back anyway?
we shouldn't have smoked before exams. what are we doing?
not finishing in time, not finishing in any fucking time.
Track Name: (what gave me) nosebleeds
i'm an imposter
a fake, fake, fake
you give, give, and give
and i just take it all away

i lost her
name in the earthquake, quake
the foundation of your everything's
beginning to shake

i can't find (it in me to)
feel one way (about you)
but i won't lie (when you ask me to)
tell the truth what's the truth
tell the truth what's the truth

i don't belong here
i saw the spit take, take
they say he lives lives lives
but how long's he gonna stay...

in the wrong tier?
how come i always play the snake?
and if you miss being eve
won't you please shake shake?

i can't find (it in me to)
feel one way (about you)
but i won't lie (when you ask me to)
tell the truth what's the truth
tell the truth what's the truth

i have tried (steps one and two)
everyday (since i left you)
but i don't know how to
tell the truth what's the truth
tell the truth what's the truth
Track Name: forever ago
dismantled frames
and boarding planes
and boarding schools
where you used to play

those stupid games
that we all did
when we were kids
but now we're this:

passenger in every car
looking up at all your stars
for about three seconds before
leaving you out in the cold

because it's fucking cold
and cigarettes are getting old
and we are too

i got older
you stayed young
Track Name: gemini
yeah, my first love
was a gemini
and she did not know
because i was so shy

then i lost it to
another gemini
and she never knew
because i always lie, i always lied

i don't believe in coincidences
i don't believe in astrology
but sometimes when they align
it makes sense to me

and it felt nice
inside a pices mind
but i could never be
the carefree kind

she looked me in the eye
and asked me my sun sign
i got a rising cancer
and it ain't benign, ain't benign
Track Name: an accident
i had an accident with space
i wish it were on purpose would've happened the same way
i know you dreamt about it, it's okay
just like the premonition i don't feel any pain

i didn't try to break your heart
it's cyclical like the moon but interchangeable like the stars
the supernova leave a scar

some predictions can come true
when you least expect
it's not just the little things
that go by undetected
Track Name: the end of what
sing your favorite song
over and over again
'til you're sick of it
'til it's sick of you

and it's not wise
to pick fights
when you know the future
doesn't look too bright

said it won't be long
never said we'd reach the end (the end of what)
i don't know what i did
i don't know that half of it
Track Name: near sighted
i can't see far-
ther than we are
sun in my eyes
or blinded by the headlights of your car?

what am i for?
do i need more?
look into your eyes
can't tell the difference between what's mine and yours

who am i to
say what is true?
we loved our lies
so much that i chose one over you

i ran away
found decent days
held no guilt but
when i saw you cry it felt like payment